Website Maintenance

Carefree online, always and everywhere, without hassle. We like to help you.

Maintenance subscription

Do what you excel in as an entrepreneur, then we will do that too.

Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee a stable, fast and secure website. With a maintenance subscription from MFA Design we will take care of the technical management. This way you can do what you as an entrepreneur are good at.



Carefree online, always and everywhere, without hassle.

Perform updates
There are regular updates of WordPress, themes and plugins. We will carry this out for you in a controlled manner. Updates can cause major changes. After performing updates, we will go through your website to check whether everything is still working.

Guarantee safety
Complete security of your WordPress website. Protects your website and visitors. If your website is unexpectedly hacked, we will resolve this.

Make backups
We make a complete backup of all files on the server and the database. This way your website is always safe. If something goes wrong, you can always fall back on the last backup.


Choose the plan that fits your website.


For personal and small business websites.

  • Monthly updates
  • Weekly backups
  • Extra security
  • Live support


For business websites and web shops.

  • Weekly updates
  • Daily backups
  • Extra security
  • Live support